Your favorite premium extract, now in a convenient stick pack to take with you when you’re on the go! This premium extract is made from certified safe, free-range deer antler velvet and premium Korean red ginseng extract in a traditional and powerful formula. With KGC's technology and devotion, these products are specially made for those who wish to lead a healthy life.

Cheon Nok Convenience

  • 10ml x 30 pouches

  • Recommended for people who: - Have weak physical health and immune system - Feel fatigue due to overwork, stress and irregular life pattern - Easily feel tired and exhausted - Lack physical vitality Cheon Nok Sam is made from the careful selection of healthy dear antlers reared in a clean environment, based on the wisdom of traditional Korean medical prescriptions and the technology and care of Korea Ginseng Corp. This is a very special antler product customized to people who hope for a healthy life full of vitality.