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Korea’s Secret Superfood

Mother Nature knows how to keep a secret. Although Korean Red Ginseng, a widely acclaimed medicinal root known for its remarkable health benefits has been taken as an herbal remedy and lauded as the “elixir of life” for over two thousand years around the world, it has been hidden in plain sight in the U.S. as a top-tier superfood.

Korea’s Secret Superfood: Korean Red Ginseng

That’s because consumers and health-conscious individuals are not aware that Korean Red Ginseng is an exceptional root packed with uniquely potent vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients that support health and wellbeing like no other superfood can.

Even though ginseng products have always existed in the U.S. market, there is a lack of product variety when it comes to ginseng, and the beneficial qualities of these products warrant healthy skepticism. With countless other health supplements on the product shelves, it is very easy to overlook these ginseng supplements. However, Korean Red Ginseng has been the center of the attention ever since it was born thousands of years ago. Korea has traditionally employed Red Ginseng as a precious and powerful gift that is uniquely their own, offering it to royalty and heads of state as a gesture for longevity and prosperity, such as Queen Elizabeth of England and President Xi Jinping of China receiving the highest “heaven” grade of CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng.

CheongKwanJang extends that sentiment by treating every single root with the royal treatment, rolling out the red carpet for its consumption. That requires having excellent standards of practice that honor the traditional ways of manufacturing (water-extracted) to ensure absolute purity and high-quality while satisfying the FDA requirements in the U.S. market.

Know more about Ginseng

Know more about Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng has emerged as the ginseng that sets the gold standard for excellence, because Korea is the perfect environment to grow incredibly nutrient-dense ginseng that yields the most healthful components, called ginseng saponins (otherwise known as ginsenosides). These components are found exclusively in Korean Red Ginseng, making it truly a one-of-a-kind superfood.

CheongKwanJang by Korean Ginseng Corporation is the world’s best Korean Red Ginseng, recognized worldwide as the premium, #1 brand for excellence. Its 118 years of tradition as the leading Korean Red Ginseng brand speaks volumes about the value and care that go into harvesting and manufacturing every root.

Hidden Power of Korean Red Ginseng

Hidden Power of Korean Red Ginseng

If we consider Korean Red Ginseng to be the root of life, then the source driving it are the saponins, the phytochemical compounds found in plants known for their anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating activity. Specifically, saponins are molecules used in the defense of a plant or animal’s body. While concentrated saponins in animals can be dangerous (such as snake venom), plant saponins (including various types of phytochemicals and ginsenosides) are healthy and beneficial to the human body. These healthy plant components can be found in the plant’s immune system, and when consumed by humans, these components are absorbed by the human body intact, just like the antioxidant properties found in fruits and vegetables.
The structural diversity of the saponins found in Korean Red Ginseng cannot be found in any other plant either. More specifically, there are three saponins only found in Red Ginseng (Rg3, Rh1, and Rh2) that support immunity, memory, and liver functions. Why are these components only found in Korean Red Ginseng?

Korea is Rooted in Excellence in Ginseng

Korea is Rooted in Excellence in Ginseng

Great nutrition begins with superfoods and the true benefits of those superfoods come from the native environments that have sustained them for thousands of years. From the geographical latitude, four distinct seasons, to the ideal soil conditions, these factors have made Korea the best and only suitable environment for Korean Red Ginseng in terms of both quantity and variety of active health components; hence demonstrating Korean Red Ginseng’s efficacy. Korean Red Ginseng is a highly delicate root that cannot grow anywhere else in the world! Its robustness and nutrient density are a direct result of its perfect growing conditions.

The Korean environment directly contributes to the diversity of the root’s powerful structure. With the power of the right mix, Korean Red Ginseng produces more than twice the variety of healthy components of other ginseng species! In addition, other ginseng species, such as American, Japanese, and Siberian ginseng, as well as cousins to Korean Red Ginseng, including Chinese ginseng, product only half of the total quantity of healthy saponins that Korean Red Ginseng is able to provide to consumers.

Furthermore, the way fresh ginseng roots are processed into the sough-after Korean Red ginseng also gives the roots an advantage over all other ginseng species. Korean Red Ginseng was originally developed during a process to extend the shelf life or ordinary ginseng. However, by coincidence, the processed ginseng roots outshone the original and was revealed to be far denser in natural benefits. This steaming and air-drying process not only prolong shelf life, but also increase the healthy, active components that exist in the ginseng roots’ skins.

In other words, Korean Red Ginseng is the most premium ginseng in the world. So you can imagine that every root is treated with detailed care and strict quality assurance guidelines to adhere to thousands of years of tradition, pride, and excellence. But what makes Korean Red Ginseng so much stronger than others?

Benefits of Waiting Six Years for Ginseng

Benefits of Waiting Six Years for Ginseng

The best things in life come to those who wait, more specifically, the most nutrient dense, all-natural remedy to better health comes to those who wait six years. That’s because Korean Red Ginseng takes that long to grow and unlock its maximum strength and optimal amount of ginseng saponins. In other words, a 6-year-grown Korean Red Ginseng root is mature and has maxed out its capacity to harness health components — no additional benefits will result from growing the root for more than six years.

Did you know? Mature, six-year-grown Korean Red Ginseng roots contain up to 1.4 to 2 times the functional health components than younger roots?

The recent all-natural, raw, clean eating frenzy sweeping across the western world is nothing new in Korea. In fact, consuming Korean Red Ginseng for wellness and better health has been an institution of culture for centuries. The popularity of Korean Red Ginseng is exponentially growing because consumers are just now learning about the very unique set of natural health benefits that other herbs simply cannot compete with. Here are some the benefits of consuming Korean Red Ginseng:


What exactly are the health benefits of 6-year-grown Korean Red Ginseng on my everyday life? Modern scientific research and studies suggest that consistent consumption of Korean Red Ginseng will do the following for you.

Boost immunity
Fortify your immune system with a stronger foundation for preventative care.

Regulate energy levels
Sustain long-term energy for regulated, more balanced endurance and stamina all day.

Boost metabolism
Activate natural body heat for supporting bodily function and energy conversion.

Relaxing effect
Achieve mental and physical stability as the healthy components combat stress, creating a more balanced and integrated system of health.

Improve blood circulation
Enhances blood flow for smooth delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the body while promoting healthy biorhythm.

Improve skin
Supports anti-aging properties and promotes healthy, glowing skin.
Active Components

Active Components

Korean ginseng is rich in helpful plant saponins, specifically ginsenosides. Saponins have an adaptogenic quality in various species of life.

Most clearly, they are molecules used for the defense of an animal or plant's body. While concentrated naturally occurring forms of animal saponin can be dangerous (such as snake venom, which consists of animal-saponins), plant-based saponins are useful and healthy for human consumption (plant saponins include various phytochemicals and healthy ginsenosides).

These healthy plant components exist as the plant's immune system and some of these traits are passed along to humans, just as the healthy properties of anti-oxidants of fruits and vegetables may be. While ginseng is not classified as a drug, the research included in these papers suggested that Korean ginseng or components in Korean ginseng may help preventive the effects of several forms of harmful viruses. This supports the claim that Korean ginseng helps boost the immune system and illustrates why it has been historically used as a traditional medicine for 2,000 years.



Because saponins are often found in the skins of plants, such as red wine grapes (white wine is less healthy, because they do not contain the skins of the grape), KGC's Korean red ginseng is specially processed to preserve the skin. Additionally, the age of the skin is important. This makes KGC Korean red ginseng far superior to other ginsengs, as we specially process our ginseng to preserve the skin (resulting in a reddish color, superior to ordinary ginseng). Additionally, KGC's red ginseng is grown and cultivated for 6 years, ensuring the highest levels of saponin and ginsenoside, at the optimum year of harvest. This contrasts starkly to producers who harvest their ginseng after a mere two or three years with little concern for product quality.

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