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A Product of Noble Heavenly Purity

100% Pure Heaven Grade Red Ginseng, Extracted Purely With Water

CheongKwanJang Ginseng Masters have been perfecting their art for centuries. They know the perfect combination of water and sunlight that will bring out the best in each root. They know when to harvest the ginseng, and how to dry it so that it retains its nutrients.

The best Korean ginseng is from CheongKwanJang, where it is personally brewed by the Ginseng Masters. This ensures that each root is perfectly preserved and that the full value of the ginseng is retained. 

Heaven Grade Pure Extract is 100% pure Korean Red Ginseng in its best unadulterated state. It is craftily brewed with nothing other than Korean Red Ginseng and water, protecting the ingredients of the Red Ginseng root.

This combination of the best ginseng and the knowledge of the Ginseng Masters is what makes Heaven Grade Pure Extract the perfect drink for those who want to experience the full benefits of Korean Red Ginseng.

Heaven Grade Ginseng

- A grade only given to the top 0.5% of Ginseng In Korea

- 8-Years of Meticulous Care

- Only 1000 Roots Qualified to become Heaven Grade Annually

An ultimate root that is unsurpassed by anyone.

Heaven Grade Korean Red Ginseng is the cream of the crop and has always been used as a gift by world leaders to show their utmost gratitude.

Made with the utmost care, utmost devotion, and utmost time, for the people you care about the most, pick up CheongKwanJang’s Korean Red Ginseng Heaven Grade Pure Extract.

천삼달임액 Pure Extract Heaven Grade Pouch Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

  • 90ml x 30 pouches

    Weight: 8.4 lbs


  • Directions: Adults can drink 1 pouch per serving, up to 3 times a day. Children 3-15 years old can take half the adult serving.

    Notice: Avoid exposure to high temperature or direct sunlight; keep in a cool, dry place. Consume quickly after opening. If pregnant, nursing, or on medication, consult your physician prior to using this product.


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