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Deer antler solutions for women with blood circulation problems such as cold hands and feet and swelling. Replenishes energy and blood with the powerful circulatory energy of deer antler to relieve daily circulatory problems and rejuvenate the body's fundamental vitality. Improve women's circulatory problems with the powerful circulatory energy of deer antlers. Designing a blood support prescription specifically for women motivated by ‘ Samultang', the blood-supporting formula prescribed for the queen. (Motivated by the four element prescription for the queen's health.)

천녹 라이블리 CheonNok Lively Deer Antler Velvet Extract

  • 70ml x 30 pouches


     1.8g deer antler concentrate (SAT grade), 3g red ginseng concentrate. 
    Samultang prescription botanical blend concentrate - Peony, Angelica, Cnidium officinale, Rehmannia glutinosa - Lotus root, mugwort , motherwort, pine etc. 

  • Take 1 pouch, twice daily

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