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  • A light and flavorful blend, this popular instant tea is made from six-year-old Korean Red Ginseng root extract and has a delicate flavoring of Korean red ginseng.

홍삼차 Tea 50 bags Korean Red Ginseng - CheongKwanJang

  • 3g x 50 bags

    Weight: 0.6 lbs

    Dimension: 5.9 x 2.44 x 7.24 inches

    Convenient to use, KRG Extract Tea is contained in packets and made into quickly dissolving granules. KRG Tea contains a mix of Korean ginseng and jujube and is for those who prefer a softer taste of ginseng. KRG Tea does not usually require additional sweeteners, although honey may be used.

  • Notice: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, keep in a cool, dry place. If pregnant, nursing, or on medication, consult your physician prior to using this product. Check each ingredient carefully for allergies and interactions.


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