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The secret health recipe handed down by the imperial family for hundreds of years was combined with the advancement of modern health technology to create a rare extract drink that supports your immune system, increases your energy levels, and increases your blood circulation.


HwangJinDan Tonic is a Korean Ginseng and Deer Antler combination which contains a number of natural herbal ingredients that helps maintain the body's balance. Made with premium Earth Grade Korean red ginseng for its valuable healing properties and its ability to maintain the body's balance. Find out why this secret recipe has been passed down for generations today!



  • FATIGUE RECOVERY- Hwang Jin Dan Tonic’s valuable ingredients will help to overcome the fatigue that we feel through our daily busy lives. 

  • IMMUNITY- Give your immune system a booster to retain your health balance. 

  • MEMORY IMPROVEMENT - Help increase focus and mental clarity.

  • CIRCULATION - Help to improve healthy blood flow circulation. 

  • ANTIOXIDANTS -Sustain antioxidants to help prevent heart diseases and cancer.

황진단액 Hwang Jin Dan Tonic

  • 50ml x 7 bottles (350ml)

  • Take one bottle a day before or after a meal.

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