Hwang Jin Dan is a brand that has been developed scientifically and systematically by combining the unique past traditional herbs method with the modern lifestyle. Hwang Jin-dan means "a rare gift to the emperor" and contains Chong Kwan-Jang's heart to pray for the health of our drinker.



  • FATIGUE RECOVERY- Hwang Jin Dan Tonic’s valuable ingredients will help to overcome the fatigue that we feel through our daily busy lives. 

  • IMMUNITY- Give your immune system a booster to retain your health balance. 

  • MEMORY IMPROVEMENT - Help increase focus and mental clarity.

  • CIRCULATION - Help to improve healthy blood flow circulation. 

  • ANTIOXIDANTS -Sustain antioxidants to help prevent heart diseases and cancer.

Hwang Jin Dan Tonic

  • 50ml x 7 bottles (350ml)

  • Take one bottle a day before or after a meal.