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Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic is a health-functioning jelly that is made of red ginseng and dietary fiber (Oxophosphory Maltodextrin) which are the main ingredients of 6-year-old ginseng, plus five fruit-side ingredients (prune, pomegranate, bean-cord grapes, pineapples, and bananas). Women are now able to enjoy the taste of ginseng and experience the benefits that include supporting immunity, stabilized energy level, memory improvement, fatigue improvement, antioxidant, and help to support bowel movements. 

Enjoy the delicious red ginseng for women in jelly form with just a stick a day! 

화애락 이너제틱 60 Hwa Ae Rak Innergetic Jelly Stick

  • 3 boxes x15g x 20 sticks


    • FATIGUE RECOVERY- One stick per day can help aid in fatigue recovery. Try it and experience it!

    • IMMUNITY-Give your immune system a booster to retain your health balance. 

    • MEMORY IMPROVEMENT - Help increase focus and mental clarity.

    • ANTIOXIDANTS -Sustain antioxidants to help prevent heart diseases and cancer.

  • Take one stick a day after or between meals.

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